7 Amazing Custom Home Builder Designs

Hello, my lovely readers. I hope you had a great weekend! I spent part of the weekend looking at some really great custom home builder designs. More beautiful looks just kept coming up for me, so I decided to do a post about a few of them. Let’s get right into it!

Villa From The Gulf Coast

Custom home builders

This first beautiful photo of a home comes courtesy of Abshire Building Group. Custom home builders in Lumberton, TX, they have some incredible designs on their website. We’re talking very nice-looking homes!

I just love the stucco with the arch over the beautifully detailed from door. The landscaping is very unique as well. The combination of the interior and exterior shutters in the gorgeous arched windows really helps close the deal on this one!

Abshire is a real family business. Their home designs are even named after the founder’s grandchildren! Professing to produce “classical homes of enduring value,” Abshire Building Group seems to be a very good choice for anyone in the Texas Gulf Coast area.

The French Country Cottage

Custom Home Design

This beautifully done house was built in my hometown of Nashville, by Castle Homes!

I have actually seen this one in person, at least from the street. I’m obsessed with the curve of the roof down to the side. It’s such a simple touch that makes a huge difference in the overall view of it.

The lighting is amazing, and it just looks so livable.

The Portland Storybook House

Custom Home In Portland

This is such a cutie. Built in North Portland by Everett Homes, this design is just fantastic.

I love the plank siding, the unpainted steps, the single window up in the attic.

This custom home would be perfect in a storybook, something like a Roald Dahl style house. Would Matilda enjoy living here? I think so. Maybe Lemony Snickett would put his poor children here for a happily-ever-after!

The Pueblo Palace


Built by Lee Michael Homes in Albuquerque, this unique design really caught my attention.

Unfortunately, there weren’t any other photos of this one. I wish I could see the interior. I would love to know what they matched with this rugged exterior. It is such a New Mexico look, and I have to think it would be perfect for anyone living there!

The Maine Colonial


I had to go all the way up in Bangor, Maine for this one! Well, I actually just stayed at home and looked on the internet. But it was actually really hard! I didn’t even get up to get a cappuccino!

But I digress…

This classic colonial custom home looks just gorgeous with the snow laid in front, and I just have to imagine it looks even better with a full blanket. Nothing fancy is going on here, just a great-looking home.

Oh, and before I forget to mention it: Applebee Enterprises built this one. And I’m like 90% sure they don’t have anything to do with the restaurant!

The Miami Mansión


Only in Miami, right? Just look at this place. It looks like it could have been built by the custom home builder of a Nicaraguan cartel boss…but I mean that in a good way! Those guys have great taste.

Aside from the gorgeous landscaping and lighting, this is just such a fantastic look.

I love the huge number of windows, the slightly wound path to the door…it just screams tropics. Hollub Homes, excellent work! If you follow NAHB, you might recognize some of the techniques from this article.

The Victor Verdant


From…Victor, Montana? I honestly had never heard of this place. But look at the detail on this custom home! It’s freakin’ gorgeous! The color of the plank siding matches so well with the paint color, the color of the bricks. All of the colors look fantastic next to that green lawn…

And the front door is just so raw and home-y. Excellent work from Big Sky Builders!

They also mention a Woman-Centric approach on their site, which I am totally on-board with! How many contractors out there take the time to actually listen to women’s opinions? I mean, besides my husband and Chip Gaines!

Don’t forget to share, and let me know what you think in the comments! Is this something you like to see? Anything else you’re interested in, just let me know.

And if this is your first time here, check out the rest of my posts!

And here’s just a little tidbit for the road:

Love ya! That’s it for these 7 custom home builder designs!


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