5 Great Ranch Style Homes

A classic American home style, ranch style homes (or ramblers!) are wide and generally one-story. A combination of Western style and modernist ideas, the architectural trend started in the 1960s. (Thanks, Wikipedia!)

What do we think of when we think of the ranch? Cowboys huddled around a fire, singing folk songs. The open range with cattle grazing. It’s a part of the American psyche, fused into our very DNA through movies, music, and more. Just try to sing “Home On The Range” without thinking of these things!

To bring this romantic idea into custom home design is, to me, a great idea.

Let’s take a look at 5 ranch style homes!

Ranch Style Homes

Designed by Western Design International in Prineville, Oregon, this beautiful home is everything a ranch style home could want. Look out onto the hills, look up into a wooded area, out onto a little pond. The soaring porch roof is just beautiful to summon visitors right into the front doors or house an intimate group on a warm evening.

Another Ranch Style Home

This is another one just built for the land surrounding it. The brushy hills behind it give this such a picturesque quality.

The garage and guest house to the side make this perfect for a large family. The garage apartment would be amazing for a college student who isn’t ready to move out on her own yet.

I love the woodsy feel of the home itself. The general feel of the entire home seems like something actually built on the range!

Ranch Style Home with Cactus

I’m a huge fan of this take on the ranch design. The standing-seam roofing is a nice, modern touch, and the stone exterior looks fantastic with the enormous porch and deck area.

The landscaping is gorgeous, and I love the cactus out in front.


Now this looks like a real ranch house. While this is much simpler than the others I’ve shown here today, this is a great example of actual homes owned by regular folks.

The classic red siding with white highlights and the white railing by the front door make this practically a mold for the style.

Contemporary Home, 6722 Norway Road, Dallas, Texas

This example combines the ranch-style layout with a touch of late 60s art deco look.

I imagine the parties here must have been incredible. The stucco exterior and the huge amount of natural light are a great advantage for this home.

That’s all for this post!

Do you have a favorite ranch style home? Let me know in the comments below! Don’t forget to share on social media, and I’ll see all of you next time.

Love ya!



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