7 Most Beautiful Victorian House Plans

High society. Corsets. Stringent moral standards. And most importantly, the Victorian house! I’ve been looking for the most beautiful Victorian house plans, and I found 7 that I want to share.

Actually, what we Americans call a Victorian isn’t necessarily the “real thing.” Architects here definitely have taken inspiration from the homes built in 19th century England, but we have made a few changes to the basic design. Luckily, the introduction of basic sanitation features like hot and cold water, proper drainage, and indoor toilets have stuck around.

Before I get into the first one, I just want to bring in this quote from Queen Victoria herself:

The important thing is not what they think of me, but what I think of them.

Was she talking about houses? I doubt it, but let’s see what we think of these!

Victorian house plans

Credit to houseplans.com

This design reminds me of how I first fell in love with Victorian house plans. It looks very much like the one from the classic Game of Life! I love the round terrace over the front porch. It’s just a beautiful design.

This one is quite similar to the previous, but the arches surrounding the property really draw me in. The separate chimney on the back patio is also a very nice touch!


Credit to eplans.com

Technically, this is more of a Dutch style, but it was listed under this category. I know it’s not right, but it’s just too cute to pass up! The absolutely adorable roof shape, the sweet little round windows…I just love this one.

Perfect for a tight city lot. This is not what we usually think of for a Victorian house plan, but these filled the streets of 19th century England. The simple but elegant design really makes this a beauty for a small, urban-centric family.

The introduction of bricks into this design really set this apart. Incorporating another round terrace, this almost has a castle-like theme! I love the winding path up to the front door: very good feng shui!

This one really draws attention to the huge windows. The natural light inside its walls must be a delight. The simple arched front door is very inviting, and I love the almost minaret-style steeple atop the main terrace.


Credit to homeplans.com

With an almost plantation-house style porch, this beautiful home is full of space for a large family (possibly even a few servants), while still giving off an almost cottage-like vibe. I would love to spend a gentle spring in this.

Well, that’s it for this post! What do you think of these Victorian house plans? Do you have any better ones to share? Post a comment below, and please share this on social media!

Love ya!



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