The 5 Most Gorgeous Log Cabins In The World

I love to look in-depth at a certain kind of home design. For this installment, I’m taking a look at the 5 most gorgeous log cabins I’ve ever seen!

The log cabin. We usually think of Abraham Lincoln, humble backwoods folk, or lumberjacks when we imagine them, but it’s becoming an ever-more-popular design for some very beautiful homes. After a quick Wikipedia check, it turns out that we have the Swedish to thank for bringing this construction method to the United States in 1638. So, thank you Sweden!

As the great architect Gustav Stickley said,

There are elements of instrinsic beauty in…the log cabin idea.

The modern approach usually combines the classic look of the log timbers with more high-class elements. But the basic idea is the same: stack logs on top of each other to build out your walls.

Anyway, that’s enough background. Let’s look at some log cabins!

This is the perfect combination of high-class and traditional. Urban and woodsy. Built in some quiet, forested area, this log cabin exudes a look of pure relaxation.

I just love the huge windows looking into the living area with the soaring ceiling. The landscaping is fantastic, and it just looks so…livable!

Deep in the woods of Tamaroa, Illinois, this cottage seems like the perfect place to settle down. Even though it isn’t as dramatic-looking as the previous cabin, there is still a wonderful charm to this home.

The chimney is obscured a bit by that tree, but the pile of firewood shows that this fireplace gets plenty of use!

I like to imagine the feeling of walking up these steps, knowing that you’re about to enter a place of pure, blissful, warm relaxation. This might be my favorite design of this bunch.

The rock layout, the placement on a hill, the inviting red door…this just looks like such a fantastic home.

I love the contrast of the wintry, warm log cabin with the summery, cool feel of the pool area. Complete with a shower and, is that a pool house?

Like the first home in this list, I love the windows looking into the high ceiling in the main room. This must be the perfect home for grandkids. I would definitely love to have something like this when I’m a bit older!

This is the most perfect, Lincoln log-looking, classic log cabin. The huge timbers extending under the eaves make this look absolutely fantastic. The grounds look huge. For a large family, this must be an incredible experience.

And this is actually available for a rental in Pennsylvania! Check out the VisitPA site above if you’re interested!

Well, that’s my top 5! Do you know a cabin that should be in this list? Post in the comments below! And feel free to share this post on social media.

Love ya!



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